I love people and I never feel like I’m working. It’s a pleasure for me to help Guest by renewing their confidence when bringing out their inner beauty, it’s a joy to make them happy! I love to do hair color, haircuts, styles, updos, and a wonderful shampoo with massage.  This is my passion.

People inspire me!  Seeing the smiles on their faces!  When the clients come back saying “Thank you I had a great day” it makes me want to learn and grow more.   I am also inspired by the success of other Stylists, their works and Pinterest.

I watch people everywhere – church, work, malls, street, parks.  It helps me to see their needs, preferences and habits better.

My insider beauty tip is Moroccan oil.  It makes your hair look silky, smooth, shiny, and eliminates frizz on curly hair. But never use more than 2 drops and on your mid shaft and ends only.

I’m a creative, motivated, enthusiastic beauty artist, who loves to do hair, makeup, henna, and I especially love to make people happy by sharing my own light.


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