It is my personal mission to help you feel comfortable and confident in your appearance. Hair is an important part of confidence and self-image, and I want to help you look and feel amazing. Hair is my passion and I want every person in my chair to know that I care about their hair. I believe that our individuality and personality are reflected in our appearance and style and I would love to help your uniqueness show through in your hair style!
I draw inspiration from everywhere I look! I’ve made a habit of observing people everywhere I go: my coworkers, the media, industry leaders, other hairstylists and barbers, the people I see on the street and I also receive a large amount of inspiration from the clients in my chair.
My insider beauty tip is to comb your shampoo through your hair with a wide tooth comb and a fine tooth comb- it helps keep your hair clean and tangle free!
I am fully committed to the health and appearance of your hair. I am constantly seeking education on the latest trends and classic styles to provide you with the best service possible. I will listen to your hair concerns and help you find solutions for them!


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