Szabo Salon Launches Mobile App

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Stephen Szabo Salon’s Mission


Our Mission at Szabo Salon is you. Stephen Szabo Salon rests on four principles: style, quality, individuality and education. They are our goals with every client that graces our doorstep. We want to give you a sensational look and feel, providing you with an unmatched experience that boosts your confidence and accentuates your innermost strengths. We believe that every individual …

Education at Szabo Salon

Education is paramount at Szabo Salon.   Ongoing education of both designer and client is key to the continued success of Stephen Szabo Salon. Education is our number one priority. We believe that in order to elevate our industry and salon, we must educate our staff. Weekly classes are part of our commitment to advanced on-going education. We also have …

Learn about Stephen Szabo


HISTORY OF STEPHEN SZABO AND THE SALON Stephen Szabo’s experience in hair styling and esthetics began at a very young age, over 40 years ago. He won his first award in 1959, at the age of 17, at the Waldorf Astoria in New York. The test of time has afforded him the opportunity to learn the most important aspect of …