Amy South Hills Hair Stylist for Stephen Szabo Salon

My freedom is creating beauty and I find it rewarding when I’m able to share a few laughs in my chair, keep you looking up to date, and expand your knowledge on how to style your hair. 

What I value most is when a client comes to me looking for a loyal relationship rather than a one-time impulsive interaction.  I am a stylist, colorist, hair artist, and free spirit.  I thrive on working to give clients their ideal image of themselves. You will never be able to escape the hair you were given so it’s better to listen to what it has to say!  My favorite clients are happy clients so being able to transform a person from the inside out is my ultimate goal.  People who are willing to dive into the deep end are the most appealing to me; passionate, fun-loving clients are always welcome!  My style for doing hair is inspired by the natural elements, edgy fashion editorials, and the latest cut and coloring techniques.  On Instagram my inspirations are Balayagedandpainted, Gina.devine, Wheelhousesalon, and Modernsalon.  Taking risks and making choices is what makes life so exciting. 


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