Ellen McMurray Hair Stylist for Stephen Szabo Salon

Hair color is my favorite part of being a hair designer.

Your hair color has a major impact on your appearance, and enhances all of your positive qualities.  I constantly study color wherever I am, and draw inspiration from everything both positive and negative, that I see.  I love studying sunrises and sunsets, flowers and trees, clouds and birds.  Perhaps the best of all is the hair of a small child with natural, sun-kissed highlights.  I strive to help all of my clients to look and feel their best.  If I’m not the best choice for you I will gladly recommend someone who can help.  To get the most from a visit to the salon always share your thoughts and ideas with your stylist—but don’t be afraid to listen to their ideas as well.  They may have an insight and lead you down a different path.  Never be afraid to try something new, it just might be the best decision that you ever make.


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