SJ Szabo McMurray Stylist at Stephen Szabo Salon


Ayla South Hills Hair Stylist for Stephen Szabo Salon

I’ve been working as a stylist since 2009 and would describe my approach as contemporary and innovative.  I enjoy working at Stephen’s because I’m able to have free range in my work and build close relationships with my clientele. I enjoy doing short hair and men’s cuts and consider those my specialty. My inspiration comes from fashion, television, and the current industry …


3 words that describe you: ambitious, self-assured, and innovative. What inspires your art: I watch a lot of TV, movies, red carpet events, and the Internet What aspects of hairdressing you enjoy the most: I enjoy all aspects of hair, including coloring and special occasion hairstyles. Career history, role at Stephen’s, and accomplishments: I received my education at Pittsburgh Beauty …