Nina McMurray Stylist for Stephen Szabo Salon

I enjoy making clients happy with themselves, showing clients how to achieve styles at home, caring about people and giving attention to each person.

Coloring and cutting is among my favorite services to perform.

3 words that describe me are: optimistic, interested, and creative.

I am inspired by different cultures, nature and people’s individuality.

Career history, role at Stephen’s, and accomplishments:  Vidal Sassoon cutting classes and shows in New York, Toronto, Philadelphia and Chicago.  Jacque Dessange – French cutting class in New York.  Many color training classes in foil techniques and balayage.  Cutting techniques with Yosh Toya and constant ongoing education provided by Stephen Szabo Salon.

Your clients: I respect and care for my clients as they were my family.

Your hair hero: Many people have inspired me over the 30 years.  Mostly artists with passion for cutting and transforming an individuals’ look and style.  Many of the French teachers have inspired my work and have taught me how to “see” a client.  Also my co-workers are my “hair heroes,” since I receive inspiration from all of them and admire their individual talents.


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