Quy McMurray Stylist at Stephen Sazabo Salonoot

The ability to enhance people’s natural beauty by doing cut, color, and texture is what I enjoy the most.

Finding the best in people so they can look their best.  I enjoy continental designing with the intensity of Asian flare.

I get my inspiration from high fashion, whether it is presented in photographs, runways, fashion TV channels or the internet, I love it all.

3 words that describe me are:  innovative, sensitive, and talented.

My professional training includes many cutting classes with well-known academies such as Jacques Dessange NYC, Vidal Sassoon in Toronto, Yosh Toya and an advanced razor cutting class with Van Michael in Atlanta.  I received coloring education from Stephan Roze from Jacques Dessange, Jon Charles from Minneapolis and also with John Frida’s mentor.

I enjoy and value a very professional relationship with my clients.  They are very dedicated and I’m always here to help them in whatever way I can.

Your hair hero?  No one specific. I admire every hairstylist, even the ones that are less experienced because I always learn something new to inspire myself.


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